good golly

i’ve been so swamped with stuff, i havent updated here!

been working at Netherworld, the best haunted house in Atlanta, Georgia.

first night, worked as a puppeteer [yes, he is a puppet! see that pole sticking out of his arm, thats how i controlled his arms], stood behind this feller and came lunging at people.

second night, i became this pretty girl, drooled “blood” and gnawed on a heart.
mooooar, brainzzzz….rawrrrr ahhhh…
[sorry the photo is so bad, took it quickly after the lights went out]

oh this one is better!

it’s been so much fun, and i really can’t wait for the rest of the month and more scares!

you guys really need to check it out.
p.s. it was featured in Zombieland, heh heh.


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