beautiful day ride

<< let me just add here that I am having to bring all my old posts over from my other blog because I reached that blog’s limit for entries, and I am a broke freelance graphic designer who cannot afford to pay for a blog upkeep monthly >>



i’ve heard from numerous people in my life “wow you’re a great writer!”…& the “you have an amazing eye for photography”….I’ve always enjoyed these compliments, but the first one I never believed to be true in my opinion (confidence in self issues–we all have them)…but ya know what? I heard someone tell me that again recently so why the heck not start it? start a blog with pictures. i still dont know where this is going, but i am starting…better than staying in one point and not moving, right?

yesterday i went on a 70 mile ride with my good friend Ginger, here–have some photos. it was amazing weather, and we both didnt expect the coast to be so CLEAR and warm!
what a surprise.

2 big climbs, both were a challenge because living where i live now, i basically climb NEVER (as opposed to living closer to accessible climbs–9, Mt Eden, Page Mill, Moody, OLH–etc). i use to be decent at it, but now i just whine more. but i still do them!

climbing Old La Honda, apparently the most climbed hillclimb EVER on (70,424 Attempts By 8,764 People)


view after descending Highway 1, AMAZING. I’ve biked this area numerous times but have never taken this route! it was truly breathtaking. It comes into view on a big downhill, so I was crying inside when we flew by this area to stop and enjoy the view. we wound up turning around to take photos though, hooray!

after turning off Highway 1 onto Tunitas Rd., MORE amazing scenery

ok, you need to read about The Bike Hut–because it blew me away visiting it.

yummy treats made by folks who donated them, water, coffee, tea, honey, lavender oils, all bike tools if needed, etc. this whole place is UNMANNED and runs by an honor system, mind blowing! (I actually hate mentioning that because I would cry if someone would run in there and steal all of that stuff)

climbing one of the prettiest climbs, Tunitas creek. it hurts though, warning!

YAY! top of the climb 9.3 mile climb.

home stretch! stopping in Woodside to refill water.

that’s all for now. I need to get on the trainer and shake my legs out.

over & out.
or –insert clever closing line from a blog–


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