San Francisco day trip + Ballet

oh hey finally something other than make-up, right? 😉

yesterday i started the day bright and early and went to the city with my friend Ginger since she has rehearsals that day for the ballet later that night.

so i spent the majority of the day by myself with the big city. here’s some photos to enjoy, I pretty much spent the day documenting all the awesome graffiti i saw that day.

it was so friggin hot yesterday in the city, i was not craving any sandwich type lunches, or rice. but I DID want some tofu spring rolls and vegan ‘pork’ bun! the bun was sorely disappointing compared to Good Karma Vegan House in San Jose, they have the BEST ‘pork’ bun thing EVAR. this one was so bland. I always love me some spring rolls though.

obviously the coolest graffiti i saw all day. this was in a random crackhead street alley that i happened to see as i saw some guy make a shortcut through this area, i beelined it toward this one to get a photo.

oversized 80’s print blouse? yas please! my husband even approved.

I’ve never been to this one, i’ve been to the bigger one where there is seating inside and bathrooms, sad this one didn’t have bathrooms, but it didn’t because well– hello this is a walk up coffee station.

all that walkin’, i needed a serious coffee break. Blue Bottle! i got a soy milk iced coffee. i just wish they carried ‘venti’ sizes because i needed it! by they way those are Brooks shoes…obviously its just me getting OLDER but dang my left ankle was irrirtating me yesterday, as well as right hip. *grabs old lady cane* i had awful ankles as a child though and constantly twisted them. those were unfun days…anyway…

waiting outside for my friend to pop out to grab some dinner before the performance, all the ballerinas kept coming outside to cross the street to enter that ballet school building, or fuel up for the performance with cigarettes perhaps…you could obviously tell they were ballerinas due to their tight wound up buns. I LOVE ballerinas, so fascinating. it was like seeing celebrities. and yes they are tinier in real life. is that even possible?

walking behind the scenes in the underground tunnels of the War Memorial Opera House, it’s always so fun. I try to remain cool and normal but seeing all the wigs, makeup rooms (!!), and tutu’s i am squealing from excitement inside. here are some opera wigs.

found inside a goodwill dressing room. pretty handwriting.

we finished the day off with stopping at TimBuk2, La Boulange, Absinthe Brasserie & Bar, Schulzies Bread Pudding, & The One Sushi. what a long freakin day with a buttload of stops!

I love SF.


//ok fine here is todays makeup post. BOLD EYES.




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