late postings & ramblings!

eesh I haven’t posted in like over a week! what happened?

I played Diablo III with my husband again but this time, it caught on and I fully 100% addicted. Good lawd.
we’ve gotten into discussions about gaming, and time together in the past, it’s been difficult lets just say…but we finally have a game WE can play together, that HE enjoys. Not some game like Little Big Planet or something cutesy, nothing wrong with LBP, but I think he needs to slay demons to get his stress out from the day, Diablo III is the hero! seriously.

last night we played with a nice lady from Reddit, and she helped us both power level (am I seriously writing a blog post about Diablo? Yeah, I am)

DH (dear husband) – myself – lady from r/GirlGamers 

ok now for some random bike photos and make-up!

biking in San Jose! can you guess where though?

side note, i’ve always thought bout making a ‘bike book’ that contains all my favorite photos from my bike adventures, but that project is just sitting around because I have way too many photos to choose from :[

DH colored my hair! we used henna hair dye so it’s all natural and no chemicals, left this on for 3 hours it was caked on like MUD. took forever to wash out, but SO worth it. Love the red. it’s called Wine Red.

we live right next to little Mexico and there are loads of taqueria’s and whatnots around (yummy tummy burrito place literally across the street! we lucky). this was taken in my ‘hood.

todays look of the day, once again inspired by MissJBM22.


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