Minden, Nevada

wow what a long weekend! lets recap with bullets & make it slightly short because it was a LONG exhausting weekend

  • went to Nevada to assist my husband in his Little City Stage Race weekend extravaganza, he did so well and made me proud to see, 7th place for overall! that’s pretty darn good
  • I partook in a crit on sunday, and sealed a 2nd place spot in the race! first 2nd place ever.

    crit food, duh!


  • ate some yummy food! these waffles i use to eat religiously for breakfast in my college years, still love them


  • saw some awesome scenery!




  • and I get to come back here next weekend for Sierra Century, then AGAIN for Death Ride! I LOVED Minden, Nevada. wow. I am such a mountain girl, and it became more apparent that i want to live in the mountains this weekend..


now onto make-up! the thursday before we left I got my Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette!! SO STOKED! it is awesome. who knew I could grow to love boring browns?

I combined the chocolate bar palette with urban decay’s electric palette for this look.

here is just using the chocolate bar, I couldn’t even tell you which brown’s i used because a lot of them are VERY similar in the palette.



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