SVCS Rapha Women’s 100

SVCS RAPHA WOMEN’S 100 – On Sunday 20th July 2014,  7,623 women around the world rode 100km. This is my story.

What a great day with ALL new routes I had never done, and meeting so many awesomely STRONG ladies. Ride was led mostly by Sophie, who was super in her leading skills and definitely knew what she was doing herding us all together and keeping us safe. Let’s get started in photo journaling:
I spent the night at my friends place in Scotts Valley, Brittany. Her home is my DREAM mountain HOME, oh my good golly molly. It was so beautiful. She was a fabulous host, we had a BBQ the night before and I stuffed myself with some amazing homemade bread Kackie made.


everyone getting their stuff together at SVCS in the morning.


our lovely group! great turn out. 14 riders, I think 2 split off half way to head back home/do their own ride.


this might’ve been around the time when some guy in a car with 2 kids in it, stops at this stop sign to berate us on “you know you should be riding single file!!!!”, proceeded to slightly drive off, and one lady tells him politely “we are allowed on the road, thanks for your misconception”…they guy SLAMS on his brakes, got REALLY heated in his speech, reverses his car. I roll my eyes and internally say “oh bother–here we go…a bit too early for this!” then AMAZINGLY one of the riders, I couldn’t tell who said it, spouted off the rights and rules of the road by California law and a code number, and the man driving screeched off without a word. It was AMAZING. WHICH let me add, we had just descended SINGLE. FILE. the only time we weren’t is when we were coming to this stop to wait for others, seen here above. I just couldn’t believe someone would get so worked up about literally nothing…we weren’t doing anything except riding on a road where cyclists ARE allowed… oi vey, some people.


It was perfect weather

Our biggest stop of the ride, meaning we stopped for longer. Got some food in, liquids, popcicle and restroom break.


resting and nomming at the Summit Store.


Found this at the store 15 miles from home…I had no clue what it was made of, but COME ON, that label! it’s still sitting my fridge, havent drank it yet.


WHEW, made it back to the shop! I tried to latch onto some of the ladies who were hightailing it back to the shop after our last stop, but my legs were like HA HA HA — NO. so I just soft pedaled back with 3 other ladies.


I was quite literally shoving my face in this burrito. I asked my husband to pick up a burrito for me so I can nosh when I get home, he was so kind to get one for me at our local burrito place that we love. thank you lovely hubbie.


Conclusion: I need a mountain bike, ASAP. All the discussion at the BBQ about mountain biking is adding fuel to my fire of wanting to try it.



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