Restoration station!

so the other day I was throwing out our recycling, and lo and behold there’s a bar stool in the huge green garbage bin. You don’t even know, i’ve been wanting a bar stool (I prefer 2 but oh well) for 2 years now. I grabbed that sucker and took it upstairs.

the padding cover DEFINITELY needed to be replaced, had a small stain but good Lord it was HIDEOUS. I am guessing it was a factory chair or something, because, bwuh? Gross :

also one of the horiztonal poles has popped out, so I just stuck it back in.

time to decide which color and the hardest part the new seat cover.

I toyed with lots of 1950’s palette’s, pastels and puke green stuff. I thought maybe a nice 50’s light blue, but then came to decide yellow was best. It sort of just screams “HOME”, to me at least. not to mention did you know the colors yellow and red make humans hungry? not that I need hunger cues from my furniture, but next time you go out to eat look at the menus/restaurant logo.

I digress, I went to Jo-Ann’s to look for covers, with nothing particular in mind, so I let the patterns speak to me. Took some photos to show my husband, and get my facebook friends opinion.

here are some I was deciding on:

my friend who is rad at restoring furniture said NO!! Do not do the chevron it is so overdone, she was so right.

I wound up going with this one on the right, dark jean material with white little hearts:

firstly, I painted the black spots with old white craft paint years old, which wound up being pointless so I’ll explain that soon. then i literally slapped on yellow mixed with a skin tone paint I had to tone down the brightness of the yellow. it was a lot more work than I imagined, I cannot fathom doing a whole set of chairs (6?). not that I wouldn’t, it would just would be a lot of work.

let it dry overnight, and took the Dremmel to it to add weathered spots and scuffs like it had stander the sands of time (pfft). that was fun!  I freakin’ love my Dremmel, i need to find more things to play with for it.

next was my decision, do I want to rent a staple gun for $14-4 hrs or just duct tape that sucker to hell?
frugal me? DUCT TAPE. I had to make sure the hearts were lined up perfectly, or at least close AND facing the right direction. I wound up with enough fabric for another stool, so we’ll see if that comes in down the road of life. OH WAIT, that reminds me. when i went back to Jo-Ann’s after deciding on the hearts, I panicked because the fabric was no where to be found! I checked my photo I took of it to see if i could tell where in the store it was, nope. not there. so i rushed over to the busy fabric cutting table, jumped in and asked “have you seen this fabric??” showing her the photo. “oh! yes! hold on…” she found it buried in the bin of fabric, and said the guy that bought it last almost took the whole thing! as I was waiting in line a little girl saw my fabric and goes to her mom “hey! we have that!”, her mom replied with “yep! i made a skirt for you out of that”. huh, popular eh! then i asked after it was cut if this was an item that was going to be restocked, employee scanned it and she said nothing came up so, she’s unsure. wow, got lucky there somehow…

ok back to progress, screwed the screws back in that hold the seat in, and….


Juna is scoping it out but, omg, look at her freakin belly! I blame that on my husband feeding her at midnight, and random cream cheese “droppings” on the floor lol.

oh yeah, here’s the tag that was on the underside, 1920’s!? crazy.


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