DIY night

sometimes, and often, I get inspired and just have to make that thing right MEOW.

Like just googling a pair of bellbottoms because I’ve been craving a pair for awhile now. Side note, I use to have some real authentic ones in middle school, ya know, back when Goodwill had shit from the 70’s and it was AMAZING. They were so frigging tight, but they ruled. Anyway…

I did some googling, and found some on Etsy, but they were so DIY looking…and then I realized….wait, I can make those myself! So I found some tutorials and went to Goodwill searching for not 1 but 2 pairs of jeans. 1 to use for the jean base, and 1 to cut up and use for the additional fabric flare (I know there’s a technical sewing term for that but I always draw a blank!). Weirdly enough, I find that I fit best in teenage type jean apparel companies. Like American Apparel, Abercrombie and Fitch, those brands. I guess I have a teenage body that won’t give up lol. The jeans are LEI or something, I remember that brand from high school. The bigger pair size 10, I wanted to make sure I had enough fabric for the insert flare so I went extra large there. I don’t recall the brand, just wanted to make sure the colors matched the best I could. Some people like mismatched jean stuff, I don’t mind it, but not for the flare panel.

I was going to sew it but then I remembered wait?–I still have fabric glue from my cosplaying days! I used that, and let me tell ya, it was a BIOOOOTCH to keep the inner triangle panels lined up with the glue AND pinning them. The bell bottom insert kept slipping from the jeans. My hands became a glue mess, my poor nails…


Need I say everything I am wearing has been thrifted? YAS.


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