Wow, Christmas season was chaos! I’ve never been that busy, or stressed during the holidays (but I LOVE being busy).

in any case, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I went home to Georgia to spend time with my family for 2 weeks (read more and see more here, scroll back)…

but let me get to the point of uber excitement, I recently got a job at Bianco in Los Gatos, and let me tell you, it is a dream come true. I really am thriving there and I feel at home, it gives me freedom to be creative and design things that people purchase (which is amazing!) So many beautiful items; to wear, for the home, to lather in, to light with a match, to cuddle up with, and to bling out. Randi, the owner, is purely brilliant, an amazing genius with her eye for fashion and design.

“Bianco, by definition means white in Italian, but what is white? To most it is just the opposite of black, but to Randi Zanardi white is much more than that. Randi sees white for what it truly is, a combination of all colors of the spectrum, that together create a bright, pure result. That is why nearly a decade ago, Randi decided to open a specialty store appropriately named Bianco that combines home furnishings from all over Europe and the United States to create a truly pure and exciting result. While Bianco carries a diverse range of products ranging from hand-made candles to statement pieces of furniture, each item in the store follows a neutral color-scheme, combining different textures of whites, creams, and grays to produce a stunning final product. Keeping her motto “a simple store for sophisticated tastes” in mind, Randi has worked hard to become one of the few retailers of renowned lines like Astier de Villatte and Cote Bastide. We hope that you get a chance to visit Bianco in order to truly understand what “white” is all about.”

Come visit!

Sunlight brand, made in Paris. this is so gorgeous, the fabric.

Alexander McQueen photo book we sell


Karen Luu of San Francisco, it’s like a shawl jacket, with arm holes. LOVE this.

Another book we sell that features insanely beautiful nude photography, forgive me, I cannot recall the name of the book. I will find out soon.

packaging I created

packaging I created

wreath I made

wreath I made


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