seamstress mode : activate

i’ve recently been so incredibly inspired by the beautiful clothing we sell at Bianco, that i’ve taken it to my own needle and thread (sometimes fabric glue) to create items!

the original top that inspired me to create my own

the original top that inspired me to create my own, made by the brand Comfy (LOVE their stuff, my wallet on the other hand does not)

& here’s my version, the sweater is a bit too thick for my taste as i now realize, it doesn’t get cold enough in California to wear a real sweater! 😦 unless you’re in San Francisco…and it’s slightly itchy which i despise, I have now learned H&M sweaters are AWFUL, texture wise, or was it Forever 21? Whatevs, same thing right?

on the left! and the collar from the same button up on the right black shirt I sewed

close up

close up, oh I made that ring too, but previously for my Morticia Halloween costume 2014.

& this one i did today and is definitely my favorite so far. the frillyness is so cute.

voila! oh its so cute!

voila! oh it’s so cute!

here’s the original shirt i took the frills from, it’s….not my style as a whole, but elements of it i saw i could work with. Also, the tulle on the left was from a really old dress that i am now giving away, but that tulle…hmm what to make next!?

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 6.48.21 PM


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