YOU, can help donate for my home fostering in 2015

Good news everyone!

This year, I am able to Foster Kittens again from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley! I am so BEYOND thrilled!

Ever since I was a child I’ve wanted to work with animals, it’s been my passion in life and I only really discovered how much I really pour my soul into volunteer work with cats/kittens.


I need YOUR help, to help fund things for the kittens, which is really just cat litter, but the main thing is a new cat condo cage, which are a bit expensive. I was borrowing one from the Cat Resource Center ( but they asked for their cage back at the end of my fostering season last year.

Hooray! YOU did it! With all your donations I was able to afford a cat condo cage for my fosters. Thank you all so much who donated. That really warmed my heart

I am keeping the donation link active as I still need funds for kitty litter mostly: DONATE HERE

Thank you all so much, from me and the bottom of the warm kittens hearts.

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