Markie, the Lisa Frank unicorn

so I finally got an appointment with a lovely lovely lady named Briana who owns her own shop with a family of more amazing artists, at Buju Tattoo! Upon arrival I was greeted by Buju, her dog, with a big sloppy kiss! Such a sweet dog.

interior shot looking inside, DREAMY decor! basically what I want my home to look like, random knick knacks with black and white and 1 big pop of color.

We discussed additions to the tattoo and decided on upper arm versus lower arm, I decided upper. She thought the addition of the rainbow would really make it symmetrical and it took me a minute to agree, but it really does even it out.

It took about 3 hours, with the addition of a tiny Periwinkle flower on my wedding finger.

I have to say, I’ve gotten another tattoo on my neck, but this one hurt TEN FOLD. It started off fine, but more near the end it was almost unbearable. I can handle pain, but DAMN. It was pretty ouch. This has nothing to do with her skills, it just comes with the territory of getting a tattoo!

lets get onto the photos, shall we?:

Barvinok (periwinkle) signifies the eternal love of those who make their marriage pledges.

drum roll please………….








ta-daaaaah! Markie! The Lisa Frank unicorn I grew up with.

I love the little dots she added all around it. She has an amazing hand with dot work, so I feel like thats her personal signature on my tattoo. =) She also thought adding the blue around him would make it pop, I love that I got to pick which blue to use, it just felt neat to do 🙂

Briana in her element

She was so sweet. Very few people I come across in my life I feel I have a strange connection with, a spiritual one. We talked a lot of ghost stories, travels, other tattoo artists, etc. She is just a lovely person. Great experience. Thank you Briana and Buju!


let me also add my write up I did on Facebook, explaining why I got this tattoo. I got some “OMG WHY??? Is that a real tattoo? Did you really get that? DONT DO IT!!” from my family and it bummed me WAY out, it just made me really sad to see some people that don’t understand things in life immediately reject it and pull the “Mom Guilt Trip” card. I have no regrets with this tattoo.

I love that the first moment right after my tattoo was finished, a little girl in the lobby waiting area saw my fresh tattoo and goes “OoOOOh!! Look! She got a unicorn!!” 

If I can make a child OR adults day happier and better by the art on my body, that is a feeling of giving. And I love it. While we’re at it let me explain why I got the tattoo. 

I got the Lisa Frank Markie (that’s his name) unicorn tattoo forever on my body. That unicorn always made me happy to see as a young child, I’m 31 and it STILL makes me happy to see. So when I’m down, I can look at my Markie and instantly be happy. 

Life isn’t 100% happy until unicorns are involved.

Namaste, bitches.


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