Circuspalooza + BAYFABA


I dipped back into pursuing casting calls recently, & I came across a post that read:
” I need a petite female, NOT SHY, and very patient.  
Previous body paint experience is preferred, but not required. 
The smaller the breasts the better for this project, hair and skin color does not matter. 
Some tattoos are okay, as long as they are not SUPER dark, and you are not totally covered in them (they often  tend to show through the body paint) 
Piercings are okay, as long as you can take them out if they interfere with the design. 
Must be available and committed to me from 2pm to at least 10pm on Saturday August 29, and no later than midnight. 

This is for a body painting convention, I would be using you as a demonstration model, painting you in my company’s booth while other artists observe and take pictures, which will take several hours, followed by a professional photo shoot, and then you will just be on display for the rest of the evening.

***The theme of this convention is “CIRCUSPALOOZA” and I will be painting my model in a very cool circus themed body paint design, so I am looking for an outgoing, fun model who likes to show off and be very dramatic and fun with their posing and interaction with others.  No speaking necessary, your actions speak louder than words.  I will offer you an additional tip if you really get into character, and if you have any cool skills that could enhance this circus concept, and could make my design rock even harder, such as acrobatics, contortionism, juggling, stilt walking, etc…. I will double the pay!  (no faking this either, you really gotta know what you are doing, have experience doing it, and can prove it to me ahead of time with pics or videos)*** “

that sparked my interest. I have nude modeling experience from a charcoal class in Los Gatos for John Peck, that was a great experience. Andrea and I emailed back and forth, and she was pretty much sold on the fact I had a unicorn tattoo ;p No, I kid. My cosplay and character modeling helped seal the deal, and for once, my brightass neon hair worked for me. She shared with me her vision, after seeing it I got so excited!:

The day of the convention and modeling, I had to bail on my best friends Bridal Shower, bummed me out. So we tried to get to the hotel, but hilariously enough, the night before a crane had smacked into and knocked over a power line. That closed down the 101, and caused a CIRCUS chaos on the side streets since no one could use that highway. I decided to get out of the car my husband was driving and walk there, 1 mile, or else I would be late. I get to the walkway bridge, heart drops, there is caution tape sealing it off. Realization hit me, that crane accident happened RIGHT where I needed to be! I asked the electrician crew can I PLEASE cross, I have to get to that hotel directly across this walkway. They said no. At this point it seemed impossible to get to the hotel and I was starting to panic. If you know me, I leave early to be early for appointments. It’s unlike me to roll in on time or late. I decided to try asking another electrician after I saw some of them standing on that same bridge I needed to be on, if I could cross. Finally one of them had to ‘escort’ (lol) me across. I laugh because the bridge was actually out of harms way of the power lines. Can’t ever be too safe I suppose.

news crews

news crews

smashed power line

smashed power line on the left there

spooky horror movie set, the closed down 101

spooky horror movie set, the closed down 101

I MADE IT to the hotel! Thank God. Met up with Andrea, and immediately I knew we would mesh well. We went to her and her assistants hotel room and start the hair around 3PM. She applied the pasties, and drew the basic outline of the design. Husband finally arrived after all the traffic, and we headed downstairs to her vendors booth to start the face paint, and then body around 5:30PM.

rafting goodies, feathers, glitter…

h my god the volume!



yes, those jeans and shirt are all painted on! that’s Angela Andrea’s assistant on the left there, love her!

People were already buzzing and curiosity was flying just seeing my hair all done. She started with my front first while I had my robe on. Once she got far enough I turned around to let her start painting the back. Her assistant Angela was an angel and helped paint the big parts, like the legs and buttcrack ;P


refreshments for Andrea and I 😀 my kind of girl who likes it on the rocks, extra strong with salt.
We then decided to move into the JAM room where there were face painting festivities and contests going on, basically a lot of tables and models being painted, a fun atmosphere to be in. Actually, all of this brought back familiar feelings of my Dragon*Con days which I fell in love with in 2007-ish. The creativity, buzzed happy people, music, loudness. ENERGY! I live for that.

Dutch’s masterpiece (from Skin Wars show)

I was going pretty strong, energy wise, I made sure to nibble on food, had a big breakfast, smaller lunch etc.
I didn’t ask for a break, and we didn’t have a solid dinner because the creative painting was flowing and I didn’t want to break the artists stride. Plus, sitting down and eating in paint I just didn’t want to. I was standing, and started to feel queasy, felt the blood leaving my face (which no one could see because my face was already painted white LOL), and then the room started to turn a bit white, I said I needed to sit down and Andrea asked if I was feeling better and I definitely was not. I could barely formulate a reply or understand someone was talking to me. I finally made it to the bathroom, didn’t puke, but I felt better after the bathroom visit. I don’t know what that was, I don’t think it was dehydration, or lack of food, standing too long? I have no idea. I don’t like to wuss out either, but I had to take a break.

She finished around 11:30PM, and we got  our photos done.

my back piece, Daisy the elephant

the gorgeous hair


*click image below to see bigger version!*

After all the fun was over, Yuriy and I went on our merry way to go home, eat all the FOOOOOD at home, and sleep. But not until I had showered and brushed my hair out, which was the most horrific thing. Haha, I loaded up the hair with conditioner but it was still so hard to brush it out, I had to take 3 breaks to just breathe and start brushing again.

I still have some tape residue on my ribs and paint between my toes, would I do that all again? HELL. YES.

            Credit & Thanks


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