De Anza flea market gold

I just wanted to share something with you all that was so amazing to me. Yea, its not mind blowing, but it really felt like finding a diamond in the rough.

I recently went to my first flea market, and wow was it overwhelming in the best way possible. Everything from plants, things from the 1800s, old photography, knick knacks, incense, pyrex, the list just goes on. I came upon a truck, and in that bed of the truck was boxes of old newspapers, magazines, booklets, etc. A LOT. I got down on my hands and knees basically sifting through a box no one else seemed to be looking through.

Going through these items at each booth, it feels like living through that persons life. What they collected, what their job was, what they drove (1938 Buick:)who they were married to, etc. I found a beautiful brown journal, a Rifle Range Log, that was mostly blank, but I happened to open a page to a BEAUTIFUL pressed butterfly in immaculate condition. I froze, it was just such an amazing thing to happen. You don’t FIND things like that, that’s the thing.




So, alas I framed it with my Alexander McQueen photo. It only seemed fitting.
Kudos to anyone who can let me know what type of butterfly this is.



*click images to see them larger


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