The great gooseberry boggler

This is about to get complicated and JUICY…and it’s all about PYREX.
Yeah, not that rapper/drug term/jersey I see when I google image the word “Pyrex”, the vintage stuff your grandmother, mom, or you use to this day.

Grab your bottle of wine and chocolate, it’s about to go down.

Cutting to the chase, I came across a “JAJ Pyrex Turquoise Gooseberries Bowl” via xxxx & was quite blown away there was a TURQUOISE gooseberry that even existed! As far as I knew at that time, there were only pink and white:


black and white/black and yellow:


Seller of the item met with me, and now the bowl is mine. The seller said they got it from another woman in 2013, but other than that they knew no history of it. I love asking the history of vintage pieces, it’s just always cool to have a story with it.

I post my new find on a certain Facebook group, and that is where the confusion & discovery began. I get comments saying “That’s the blue, I believe?” So I googled it, and another door opened.
So many more various colors of Gooseberry!

jaj pyrex_gooseberry red_detailjaj pyrex_gooseberry green_junior space savers

and now for the eye opening photo:

jaj pyrex_gooseberry_pale blue vs turquoise

To me, it was VERY hard to distinguish the color difference even with the bowl in my hand. I looked at it in the dark, indirect sunlight, direct sunlight, etc. I still am unsure.

Adding more, there was much talk of “only the England turquoise has the STAR floral pattern in it, the blue one does not”. I messaged the seller of all this new information and they actually had no idea there was a blue/light blue gooseberry as well! I believe the seller, because just as easy sellers can claim something is something, and well, we all know, sometimes we can get scammed. This seller seemed very genuine, and I truly believe they were NOT trying to scam me. In any case, I found that if this bowl I have IS indeed a light blue JAJ England, so be it! Guess what? It is still as gorgeous!

So let us review:

Pyrex JAJ England Turquoise has stars/flowers.

Capture d’écran 2016-03-28 à 12.02.21

Pyrex JAJ England light blue/blue DOES NOT have stars/flowers.

Capture d’écran 2016-03-28 à 12.17.47

Guess what? Things shifted again once the owner of That Retro Piece confirmed that just last week (what are the odds!?) someone found a JAJ England Gooseberry TURQUOISE WITHOUT the stars! SAY WHAT? Are you confused yet? Yea, you should hear my husband when I try to explain this all to him. Here is That Retro Piece owner Stan’s reply below:

Capture d’écran 2016-03-28 à 12.12.52

People get them confused so much, take a look at this set, do you think the bowls with the white background have turquoise or light blue print?


NOW take a look at the same set:

Capture d’écran 2016-03-28 à 12.09.05

Those 2 images are literally the same bowls, yet someone edited them to make it look like its a complete actual set. Do you think it is? Still as I am writing this post, I don’t know what is going on yet.

Anyways, on to my photos of my collection comparing them side by side with American Pyrex colors. Click the images for the up close!

So what are your thoughts? Have you stumbled across any JAJ England gooseberry mysterious pieces? I would love to see your collection! Comment away.

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Feel free to use this post for reference,
but please be sure to credit my images if any are used.

Thank you

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